Dr. Sabet believes in treating the whole person, taking into account the interaction between the biological, psychosocial, and spiritual or existential dimensions. He uses all treatment modalities from the most current medications available to many alternative and holistic therapies such as herbal treatments, meditation and spirituality, energy and light therapy, diet and exercise. We know that the […]

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A tale of two wardrobes…

We all have heard of  people who are affected by short winter days and the seasonal depression they can cause.  Some of the more dramatic manifestations of the winter depression (seasonal affective disorder) are fatigue, increased need for sleep, and increased appetite. I have seen some patients who have to maintain completely different sizes of clothing for the winter […]

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ADHD, not always a good thing!

There is a recent trend for handicaps to be presented in a positive light. The intention is to make those who are faced with challenges  feel better about themselves, thereby minimizing shame and negative self image. This has been the case for ADHD. We have gone from stigmatizing persons with ADHD  to celebrating their creativity, spontaneity, […]

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