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By Dr Farid Sabet

Pornography addiction and ADHD in adults

1 month ago 

67.4% of my patients have an addiction to porn. OK, I made up the precise statistic to get your attention; I just meant a significant subgroup! Pornography activates the novelty-seeking pathways in the brain and by some accounts, is indistinguishable from cocaine in its activation of the pathways of the brain involved in the regulation of dopamine. ADDers love to have dopamine surges and, "Voila!" you have a volatile combination! 

The problem comes when the person becomes compulsive and hyper-focused on the behavior, which then replaces healthy interpersonal re...


ADHD and the Friday night date

1 month ago 

You have been working hard all week and really look forward to going out with your fiancé to a nice restaurant and enjoying yourself. She has not seen you all week and is excited about finding out about your work and reconnecting with you emotionally. After answering her third question before finishing your appetizer you snap and say something harsh and stupid! The evening is ruined and you are totally baffled as to what happened. You feel guilty and frustrated and vow not to do this again.

Next week something similar happens with a slightly different theme. My experie...


5 days ago

When a physician claims a holistic/ integrative approach to medical care, she usually faces either admiration or incredulity and disgust. I can attest to that from personal experience and my additi...

5 days ago

One of the more challenging aspects of my my work as a psychiatrist is when patients with good intentions come in to the office with a self-diagnosis of ADHD.  They are completely convinced af...

3 weeks ago

When I was a resident physician in training, I remember my excitement in mastering the principles of psychopharmacology. I was so eager to diagnose patients" problems and apply the right treat...

3 weeks ago

The FDA's approval of esketamine (which is a derivative of the anesthetic drug ketamine) for treatment of depression has been hailed as a ‘game changer’ in the treatment of major de...

1 month ago

I saw the young man for the first time last month. He could not sit still for more than a few seconds and was constantly fidgeting. His life was a classic example of setbacks and unfulfilled dreams...

1 month ago

ADHD-affected individuals often have trouble reading for long periods. Many report trouble concentrating, experience headaches, sleepiness, and restlessness while attempting to read. The problem is...

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